Hello, ​My name is Cherine, born and grew up in Singapore. I love animals especially dogs, my furkid is a Japanese Spitz named Winter.

Since my younger days, I am always intrigued by mystical and metaphysical topics and I use to have a lot questions in my mind, "Is our life destined?", "Is there life after death?", "What is Karma?", "How does Karma play out?" and list goes on and on. Because of my curiosity, I love to go for readings and some of the readers really amazes me with accurate answers and so, since then I started to develop an interest in Chinese Metaphysics.

My personal journey has not been a smooth one and so naturally, I am always seeking for answers. I attended some Chinese Metaphysical and Pranic Healing courses, although I gain a better understanding about life, but I am still not yet truly satisfied.

I discovered the Akashic Light Academy in 2019 and attended the Akashic Records and Karma Balancing courses conducted by Tarra Tae, the founder of Akashic Light Academy and I never look back since then.  

Getting in touch with the Akashic Records allow me to understand life at a much deeper aspect. I perceived the joy and benefits of working within the Akashic Records and I am now an accredited practitioner of the academy.

My love and curiosity for the Akasha took my learning deeper as I aspire to empower & transform the lives of others by helping them to achieve true clarity and happiness. My wish for you is to discover your inner soul and to activate your higher wisdom, so that you can easily obtain sensible and practical solutions to all your problems.

Mystical Lake

What People Say


I am extremely grateful for meeting Cherine who has provided affirmation and encouragement. Her grounded guidance has lead me to see the root cause of the problem, navigated me to release habitual patterns that no longer served me. I was empowered by her compassionate words and something huge has shifted inside me. I was enlightened, to cherish my own life journey, feeling much more positive and motivated ever since. I am truly thankful our path have crossed at the right timing. 


經朋友介紹認識Cherine 開啟我的亞卡西記錄,其實未開啟之前都有研究靈性的朋友曾經推薦過給我的,有些似西方式中國三世書,但一直都沒有機會體驗,這次體驗,大致上都是問一些關於我身邊的人和我累世之前的關係,經Cherine 開示後,其實有些點都很吻合的,也解開了我的心結,也增進了我在佛學上的修行,Cherine 是一個很健談和正能量的人,也有一定人生的閱歷,所以溝通也比較容易接受,希望未來的日子,Cherine  可以幫助更多的人得到一些啟示.


Through the Akashics Record Reading, Cherine delved into my past live records and patiently explained to me with clarity and examples in order for me to comprehend the issues that I am facing in my life. I learned that it is fine to ‘let go of things’ that is beyond my control instead of dwelling on it, which is draining me mentally. The session has helped me to, not only understand more about my past lives and the reasons behind the adversities that I’m facing in this life, but also to face them in a more calmly and positive manner. I was appalled when she confirmed about what I have been saying subconsciously to my loved one, was actually what I did in my previous life! I am now trying to make amends of the things that I knew from the session, making peace with myself and my loved ones. I couldn’t thank her enough for enlightening and guiding me on how I should approach and see things in life. I am glad to have crossed path with her at the right time. 


Cherine, you are an amazing psychic healer, very patient, kind and amazingly accurate and gave me lots of very useful suggestions. I highly recommend her to all seekers. Thank you so much.


Cherine’s Akashic Record Reading was truly life changing and helped answer and provide a direction to my life! Would highly encourage anyone to do a reading with her and would be going back to her myself for more readings =)