Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Akasha?

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “ether” one of the aspects of the five elements like water, earth, air & fire. ​Akasha is the subtlest dimension of physical manifestations among the five elements.

The energy of the Akasha is everywhere, with higher consciousness, we are able to tap onto the energy of the Akasha which gives us the experience of being held in unconditional love, joy and peace, knowledge and wisdom.

What is Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records which is found in the Akasha, holds the energetic imprint and vibrational records of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, intent and actions experienced in all lifetimes.

These Records are managed by the Akasha Guardians, Ascended Masters, the Lords of Karma and Archangels, who are also known as Akasha or Akashic Masters.

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What is Akashic Records Reading?

There are times in our lives, when we feel blocked, troubled or upset and when we do not know how to move on. By opening the Akashic Records we are able to gain some clarity about these difficult situations. Once we begin to understand the reason why things happen the way it happened, maneuvering the present with ease is a natural consequence. 

In the Akashic Records the Akashic Masters keep track of this energetic information and with their guidance, specific records will be called up relating to the questions asked.

What do i need to prepare before the reading?

You do not need to prepare anything.

Just make sure that you are at your highest comfort level, seated comfortably in a quiet and private space, so that you can ask your deepest questions without being afraid of privacy issues and that you are not easily being disturb for this whole 60 mins. Just relax, be open and enjoy the session!

What information do you need from me?

Your full legal name (as per your ID) is required.

Your full legal name is chosen by your soul even before you are born. It is an imprint and its strong energetic vibrations will follow you since birth. Therefore, it is very important that your full name as per your ID is needed. Kindly let me know if you have made changes with your full legal name (in your ID) recently.

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How is my Akashic Records being access?

The reading is a one-on-one private session between the me and you. With your permission, your Akashic Records is accessed through a Scared Prayer.

Once your Akashic Records is open, you can start asking questions. I will share with you the information that I receive in response to your question asked. The messages are channelled from the Akashic Masters through me to you, it is just like a normal conversation going on.

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What kind of questions can i ask?

You can ask any questions with regards to your health, career or any kind of relationship matters that you may have with anybody. The present is the most significant moment, therefore it is important that the questions that you are asking reflects your current life circumstances and where you would like to have greater clarity. Your openness is very important, the more open you are, the more receptive you be, and this creates a better flow of messages from the Akashic Masters.

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What do I benefit from the readings?

The information that you receive from the Akashic Masters are able to support your soul’s journey, deepen your self-understanding, and assist you in your present life. If there are some unresolved emotional issues deep within you that needed healing and clarity, the Akashic Masters are able to provide you with the necessary advice. They can give you suggestions, insights and help you with your choices but they will not make decisions for you. 

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What happens after the reading?

After the readings, there will be healing session with the use of Akashic Light Clearings & Activations. These are energetic commands that can assist our 4 bodies to heal, which is our mental, emotional, physical & spiritual bodies.

Energetically, these commands help to release blockages, activates positive energies and vibrations within you. With deeper healing taking place, physical health will improve and your perspective towards life will enhanced with clarity.